The Drum opened its doors in August 2019 as a hub to nature the creative industries of Tanzania. Located in Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam, The Drum develops and encourages innovative ways of bringing creativity and business together. As a convenor, The Drum provides space and support for networking, business, development and community engagement. The Drum is also home to the flagship store Make it Matter where retail and storytelling comes to life with the very first inaugurated shopping experience in Tanzania. The Drum has a recording studio with band rehearsal space, a coffee shop and garden.

Our Neighbours

Makeit Matter

Make it Matter provides artisans from across Tanzania with a premium market place that they would not normally have access to. We empower artisans living in remote, rural areas or with challenging circumstances by providing them with our platform to reach customers  beyond their local communities.

The art Cafe

Energistically seize team driven systems after an expanded array of mindshare. Objectively deploy high-payoff functionalities through cross-media scenarios. Collaboratively orchestrate intuitive strategic theme areas through superior human capital